Simply building up an ideal collection of furniture using only 15 components. ANTOU curates an imaginative and refined space with adaptive and playful modular parts that rethink the borderline of the modern assemble furniture. J+ and M+ are two modular system of joints, hinges, and slides. In response to the different needs in the space. Parts can but put up together with metal or wood bars, and turn into furniture that is fully customized for the specific size and needs. ANTOU continues to expand and enrich the integrity of the Bespoke collection and allowing users to add their personal touch and creating their unique combination


The design is a series of connectors, hinges, and slides that collocate with a standardised metal tube.
In response to the different needs in the space, metal tubings are measured and pre-cut. Joined together with the modular connector, hinge, and slide, users are able to build up their customised furniture designed for specific needs.Given the examples are a bookshelf, a storage drawer, and a desk. Components are fixed together with simple screws, and different modules adapt flexibly to each piece of furniture to present their function as brackets for shelving, hinges for door, or slides for drawer.
* All the pieces on this gallery are made to order. Please enquire about lead time. *
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