Based in Taiwan, and originating within the islands robust metalware industry, ANTOU has teamed up with top talent in design and production. With many years of metal manufacturing and design experience, the team is driven to make products for the ideal office working environment.

The ANTOU team has been injecting its beliefs and passion into the ANTOU product line of durable, smart, and intriguing furniture and accessories, curating a vital and productive workplace for modern office dwellers, and gearing them up with brilliant desktop equipment and supplies.
At ANTOU, we see the office environment as a playground for modern workers. We support them with sustainable solutions and delightful ideas from our Bespoke and Object collections, Enabling people to take on daily challenges while enjoying themselves at the same time.


OEM: We have factory resources to serve the world's brands with high quality. We'll bring that same expertise to your unique metal fabrication needs. If you can imagine it, we can manufacture it
ODM: We team up by production experts and design talents. We can design and manufacture for you. Consequently, we are able to offer metal industry-leading, state-of-the-art products and quality assurance for our partners.
Brand - ANTOU
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