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Book NOTA is a flexible, modulated notebook organizer that holds note-taking and stationery supplies all together within a compact, portable-sized book.

The book NOTA system starts with the bookbinder. It is built from high-quality aluminium alloy and magnetically attached to the spine on the book cover. The paper sheets were held together on two notches by a silicon band. Therefore, paper can be slid in or out from a binder within seconds for maximum size use or shared with others. An additional accessory can also be added to the binder with the same principle. The binder itself can also be detached and reposition from the book spine. Choose what suits the occasion, drop a toolkit or stationery pouch, or add an extra book for diverging your note-taking from different projects. Book NOTA intends to be highly personal customizable and to assist with daily note-taking and organizing efficiency.

the minimalist – NOTA Lite

The NOTA Lite version is slimmed down to just 125g in weight and can hold one binder, easier for the ones that live a fluid life.


  • Daily magnetic book cover * 1
  • bookbinder *2
  • 40 sheets / 80 pages of paper ( 160 * 230 mm )

☛ Under schedule / coming up soon


Material: recycled leather, silicone band, aluminium, magnet
Weight: 125 g
Dimensions: 13 * 128 * 168 mm


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Book NOTA. A versatile tool perfect for brainstorming and presentations that takes your creativity to the next level! All your hard work deserves an equally powerful notebook that makes you more productive and organized. Elevate your work efficiency right from start to finish!

During group discussions or brainstorming sessions, you won’t need to tear out pieces and pieces of paper for everyone or worry about Post-its notes scattering around. Book NOTA keeps all the ideas organized with its special binding system, maximizing team productivity and making it accessible for everyone. Collecting ideas has never been so easy!




|Magnetic Modularity|

The secret of Book NOTA lies in its magnetic book spine. The specially designed magnetic binding system turns your notebook into a personalized organizer, breaking its original limits.

|Bonded Leather Cover|


Some leather materials can’t be used due to their shape or size, which leads to material waste. We took care of it by re-polymerizing, giving it a second life with a unique look with a special texture and flexibility similar to real leather. The Daily version comes in two colors and is firmly protected with a 1.4mm thick leather, string, and durable for all your needs.

By using 6061 space-grade aluminum alloy and anodized coloring, we are able to create a stable and durable book spine and binder to withstand all your daily usage with smoothed-out edges to prevent any sort of scratches or cuts that might occur. Our binder comes in two colors, with super-strong hard anodizing processing, offering you multiple choices which you can choose from according to your style.

|About Refills]


We’ve uploaded some common templates that come in different formats, offering you anything you need and infinite possibilities. Print it on any type of paper, mix it up, and match them together to create your own unique personalized notebook. Why choose when you can have it all?

Refilling Sheets Pack includes 20 sheets (40 pages)

| Accessories |


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book cover

mottled black, mottled brown

book binder

matt black, titanium silver