PenC / Mechanical pencil conversion kit


Exclusive for PenC!

Convert your PenC into a Mechanical pencil within seconds

The conversion kit features a SCHMIDT DSM 2007 0.5mm mechanical pencil and serval parts for assembly. The setting is also compatible with other DSM 2005/2006/2007 0.5 and 0.7 mm pencil. Please kindly noted that the conversion kit does not include a PenC.

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Material:  brass, iron
Weight: 18 g
Dimensions: SCHMIDT Feinminen-System DSM 2007 0.5mm

  • with the cap on – 129 mm
  • width – Ø 12 mm


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最受期待的自動鉛筆轉換套件預購開跑!搭配德國施密特頂級金屬機芯,完全德國工藝製作。使用DSM2007 0.5mm機芯,筆尖長度可隨個人喜好調整,間單步驟,秒速切換!PenC系列絕佳的組合搭配,預購期間享多重優惠!


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